Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names Review



The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) has recognised that commercial trade in aquatic plants is part of an important and rapidly emerging food industry, and the industry needs to be proactive. At Seafood Directions 2017, it was reported that world trade in edible algae is expected to soon be in the order of $5 billion annually. The FRDC recently noted that an increasing volume of aquatic plant names is being harvested for human consumption, and there is little or no agreement on the common names used. The Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names AS-5301 is currently under development with the industry seeking to develop a list of agreed standard names for all commercial, and potentially commercial, aquatic plant species. Aquatic plants are defined as those used commercially as a source of food therapeutics derivatives and additives, that naturally require saltwater or freshwater habitats for growth, where:

  • Plants are defined as Vascular plants, protists and photosynthetic prokaryotes.
  • Saltwater habitats are defined as marine and brackish waters up to the highest astronomical tide.
  • Freshwater habitats are defined as temporary and permanent inland water bodies.

What we did

Intuitive Food Solutions was engaged in 2019 as the Project Manager to lead the coordination of the review for the proposed new Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names AS-5301 and the List of Candidate Names.

  1. Coordinate public consultation of the proposed Standard and List of Candidate Names.
  2. Coordinate the Industry Aquatic Plant Workshop (Aug 2019) to:
    • present public consultation feedback with participants and review the list of candidate names and the new Standard AS5301;
    • receive nominations for the Standard Reference Body (SRB) for the ongoing development of the Standard; and 
    • industry tour of the National Herbarium of New South Wales.
  3. Develop, finalise and communicate the Aquatic Plant Names Workshop 2 Report, Action Plan and Recommendation to be submitted to the SRB.


Intuitive Food Solutions co-ordinated an extensive public consultation process for industry engagement in the review of the Aquatic Plant Names Standard in Australia, in partnership with the FRDC. A Standard Reference Body is being developed to review the recommendations from the workshop, formalise the processes for the AS5301 Standard and publish the first list of candidate names. A website will be built for the Australian Aquatic Plant Names similar to   Going forward, Intuitive Food Solutions will be supporting the SRB as Project Manager and ensuring the focus on developing the Standard.  Learn about Seafood Standards

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